Do you sell day tickets?

Weekend passes, day tickets,  I hope you’ll find what you need.

When and how can I get tickets?

 The tickets are available through our online store only, but will be available through TixForGigs soon as well.

Where can I pick up my wristband?

At the doors all Friday.


Where can I go after the bands finish?

You should also check out Gun Club, Komet, Washington Bar and Menschenzoo after the bands are finished. 

Where can I drink?

You can drink in the venues (if you’re of age (German law: 16 = beer and wine, 18+ = you’re fine)).

For all you non-Germans: You can drink literally everywhere but on public transportation.
Oh, and we don’t have curfews…

I am from out of town, where can I take a nap?

Check the “beds” section, SUPERBUDE offers specials deals for festival goers.

If you wanna sleep in your RV or van, there is a parking lot at St Pauli Hafenstraße 89, where lots of RVs could park. Right next to the river, pretty sweet spot.

There is no camping ground near by that I know of.

Can I have a pass to review or photograph TEMPEST festival?

Please email stefan (A) tempestfest.com to apply.

Can my band play?

No, we don’t have a single open slot left this year, sorry.

Can I bring my distro?

There is already THROUGH LOVE in the house, so no more room for another distro.


Any further questions?

Drop us a line or two: Imprint